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Online Graduate Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion Curriculum

All courses are designed by faculty and offered online as 8-week, 3-credit courses. Courses are offered throughout the academic year and summer. Students take courses on perspectives of diversity and inclusion, and courses that draw on the broad areas of global citizenship and global engagement, diverse identities and intercultural communication, and health and culture. The certificate is designed to be completed within a year.  

Students must take 9 credit hours from the approved list of courses that relate to diversity and inclusion.  By taking departmental prefix courses students are able to take courses that align with their graduate studies, career fields and future career interests.  Other courses may be used to satisfy this requirement with permission of the certificate director.   
A&S 600 Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion (Required Course)
ANT 681 Health Care Inequalities
SPA 524 Approaches to Diversity in the Modern World: Understanding Latinx Cultures
AAS 551 African American Lives
SOC 551 Health, Illness, and Disabilities
SOC 720 Race, Racism, and Representation 
AAS 560 Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
GWS 602 Perspectives on Gender Identities and Sexual Identities
GWS 603 Gender, Bodies, and Health
MCL 500 Intercultural Communication for Professionals 
FCS 620 Working with Diverse Families in Culturally Sensitive Contexts
KHP 576 LGBTQ* Health Promotion
DHN 598 Global Foods, Diet, and Culture